Mostly the Kodi user has used the video addons for watching movies, TV shows, Sports, Documentaries on Kodi. Sometimes, the Video addons like the exodus, it will show the list of the servers which are available for streaming the videos present in this addon. Have you ever seen before a server name called Openload. If you choose the Openload server, then it shows an error called Openload Stream Authorization provided by also know as olpair. You can solve the error by doing the following steps on below.

Now the has been changed to So, You have to follow the below guide carefully, as it is very similar to the

What is Error?

The Openload pair error could stop us to stream or watch the movies, Sports and TV shows that are hosted on Openload server.

Why do we get Openload Stream Authorization Error?

An Openload is a type of server where all the movies, TV shows, and sports-related videos are uploaded. These movies are streamed on Kodi by using the video addons like the exodus. Sometimes, due to the huge demand for watching movies on Kodi, the server may get crashed. To tackle the large users the concept of stream authorization has been introduced. In that, you need to pair your IP with openload, then you can watch the streaming. After pairing your IP address with the openload server, then you can watch the stream for next 4 hours. After 4 hours you do need to pair it again. You must pair your IP with the Openload server for every 4 hours to continue your streaming.

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Guide to fix Pair Stream Authorization error on Kodi

  • Suppose, If you are trying to open a movie in an exodus video addon then it will show the pop-up which indicates that it will take some more time to load all the servers.
  • Now the list of all the servers is displayed which are exists on exodus video addon. In the list of servers, If you select the OPENLOAD server means, then the error will be displayed which indicates that the Stream Authorization needed.
  • So you must need to go the website Here you will find your IP address, So you have to click on the Activate Streaming.
  • Now you have to solve the captcha and click on the Pair option.
  • If the pairing is successfully done, then you will get the message immediately which indicates that the pairing is successful.
  • Now your IP is successfully paired with the Openload server. So, you can enjoy your streaming for next 4 hours. After completing the 4 hours streaming, again you need to pair your IP with the Openload server.

Alternative Method

Suppose, If the first method did not work properly means, you can use the 2nd method to solve pair or pair error. You have to follow the below steps carefully to solve this error.

  • From the Kodi Homepage, Go to Addon and select the Video Add-ons.
  • Right-Click on the Exodus addon then select the Settings option.
  • Now the Settings window will be displayed. In that, you have to go to Playback from the left column.
  • Now you can see the Hosters with Captchas option that is turned on, you just turn it off and then click on the OK option.

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