The Kodi is a free and open source media streaming application software. It can be great if it is functioning very well without any issues. Sometimes, there are some chances for the mistakes and malfunctions occurred on Kodi. It will be really irritating if some errors may through the pop-up. The errors may have been raised due to a lot of causes. Here we will discuss one of the most prevailing and annoying error called could not connect to repository. Most of the users have asked a fix for this error.

Fix for couldn’t connect to repository error

  1. the most common error message may the kodi users face called the could not connect to repository error may have been occurred if you are entering the wrong path for the source file. For Example, the path for the source file for the super repository is If you make any mistakes when are entering this path, it will causes the problem called couldn’t connect to repository error. Make sure to check out the Placing period, forward slash, letters either in upper case or lower case must be typed exactly as provided by the guide. This may be one of the main factors for the problem. Best you have to try to check the path again after entering it. Sometimes, if you save the different repositories using the same name will also cause the same error. So you have to make sure about these two mistakes cannot happened while installing the repository on Kodi.
  2. The Second main cause of could not connect to repository kodi error may be the repository you are looking for might be down for the maintenance purpose.  You can crosscheck this by entering the particular path URL in your web browser and check if it is providing any result or not. If it shows the site can’t be reached, then the repository is down or expired. If it provides results, then again you can try to install the repository. Sometimes, you can make the mistake while entering the specified path URL. These are the possible causes for couldn’t connect to repository error and failed to update error. Sometimes, these problems have been occurred due to the poor network connection or network failure. Now you have to try to restarting kodi and install the repository again.

Some of the famous repositories like fusion repo, tv addons repo and metal kettle repo also went down for the maintenance. The exodus can also facing the same problem called could not connect to repository error. If you have installed the addons with repo already, it will work fine. So, do not try to uninstall any of the addons.

If you are still facing the same error, you can install a new build. Remember you need to install an updated build. You can find the list of updated build here This site has a list of best working kodi builds.  These are the possible ways to solve the kodi that can face the error as could not connect to repository error.


Here in this article, we can provide all the possible ways to fix couldn’t connect to the repository errors. Hope this will surely solve the above said problem when you are facing the same. If you have any queries, kindly do let us know via the below comments box.

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