Most of the kodi user must have used the famous and popular video addons for watching Movies, TV Shows, Sports on kodi. But sometimes in videos addons like exodus, it will show the list of the servers that have been currently available for streaming. Have you seen before a server name called ‘Openload’. At Sometimes when you choose the Openload server then it will show an error called Openload Stream Authorization which has been provided by If you want to solve this error, you have to follow the below steps carefully. has been recently changed to You have to follow the below guide, as it is also very similar for the

What is Error?

The Openload pair error mainly stops us to stream or watch the movies, Sports and TV shows that has been hosted on Openload server.

Why Do We Get OpenLoad Stream Authorization Error?

Generally, An Openload is a server where all the movies, TV shows and sports related videos has been uploaded. All type of entertainment things such as Movies, TV Shows, and Sports are always streamed on kodi by using the addons like exodus. But due to the big demand of watching movies on kodi, sometimes the server may get crashed. To tackle the large users the concept of stream authorization has been introduced. In that concept, you have to pair your IP with openload so that you can watch the movies, TV Shows, Sports, etc. After successfully pairing, your IP address with the openload server then you can enjoy the movies, TV Shows, Sports and some other entertainment things for the next 4 hours. Once the 4hours time gets completed, again you have to pair your IP with the Openload server to continue your streaming.

Is Safe?

Obviously, the OpenLoad is not safe at any time. We are all knows clearly that the kodi uses all the copyrighted material to stream the entertainment contents such as  Movies, TV Shows, Sports and Cartoons available from other sources without any permission. This is an illegal thing that may cause the copyright infringement problems.

Guide To Fix Pair Stream Authorization Error on Kodi 17

  • If you want to open a movie using exodus. It will show a pop-up that will take some time to load all the available servers.
  • Now you will find the list of all the servers that are all exists on exodus. Suppose, if you select the OPENLOAD server then the error message has been raised and that says Stream Authorization needed.
  • So, you must need to go to In that, you will find your IP address, now you just need to click on the Activate Streaming.
  • Here you have to solve the captcha and then click on Pair.
  • Once the pairing is successful then you will get a message that says pairing is successful.
  • Now the pairing is successful, so you can enjoy the streaming for next 4 hours. After the 4hours time gets completed, and then you have to pair your IP again.

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