Kodi is one of the most popular and reliable platforms, because of its compatibility with a wide variety of devices. It’s quite annoying to get errors when we try to install our favorite add-on. In general, we can take any top-rated application, there will be some minute flaws. Similarly, you may encounter some issues or error in Kodi. Failed to install a dependency is one of the most common error that will prevent you from installing an add-on. When you get kodi failed to install a dependency error can be easily resolved. There are different methods to resolve this error. Before going to that, let’s see a brief note about Dependency files.

Kodi Dependencies:

Dependencies are third-party services. To be more precise, Dependencies are supporting files that usually run in the background while you use an add-on. Only few add-ons in Kodi work on their own content. Most of the complex add-ons depend on these for web scraping. Now you will have an idea why you get Failed to Install a Dependency error.

Let us see the possible solution to fix Failed to Install a Dependency error in Kodi.

Possible solutions to fix Failed to Install a dependency in Kodi

We have two solutions for this problem.

  1. Deleting the database files.
  2. Install dependencies manually.

In most of the cases, you can resolve failed to install a dependency error using the above two methods. if in case it doesn’t work we can try the alternative solutions too.

Method 1: Deleting the Database files

When you database files get corrupted, you will encounter Failed to install a dependency error. To get rid of it follow the steps below.

  1. Select the settings icon at the top left in homepage.
  2. Open the file manager.
  3. Select the Profile directory from the left side.
  4. Click Database.
  5. Search for Addon27.db file, right click on it and select Delete.
  6. Go back to the home page and exit Kodi application.
  7. Wait for some time and relaunch Kodi again, now try to install some add-on.

Method 2: Install Dependency file manually

TVAddon Repository is the most popular repo which will help you to install Kodi dependencies. Follow the steps below to install TVAddon Repository.

  1. Select the Settings icon at the top left of the homepage.
  2. Open the file manager.
  3. Select Add source on the left side.
  4. Add source file tab will pop-up, select ‘none‘.
  5. Type the exact URL: http://fusion.tvaddons.co/ and select OK.
  6. Enter a source file name and select OK.
  7. Go back to the homepage, Select Add-ons.
  8. Select the package installer icon at the top left corner.
  9. Select Install from zip file.
  10. Search for the source file name you have entered and select it.
  11. you will find three files, Open Kodi-repos.
  12. then select english.
  13. Now you will get a list of zip files, search for ‘repository.xbmchug-3.0.0zip‘ and select it.

It’s not completed, you need to install some other zips files too.

  1. Go back to the homepage, Select Add-ons >> Package installer icon>> Install from zip file.
  2. Now Select Kodi-scripts, it will contain two zip files.
  3. you have to install both ( Follow the same steps for installation).

Method 3: Clear Cache

Sometimes clearing cache may help you to fix Failed to Install a dependency error. It is an easy and better alternative to clear cache rather than clearing entire data. It is better option to use a Kodi Wizard to clear cache, as most of the wizards have maintenance section which will help you to clear cache.

If you don’t have a Kodi Wizard, first install it. It will takes a few minutes, then you can fix the error easily. After clearing cache, try to install Add-ons.

Method 4: Re-Install Kodi

This is another alternative method to fix Failed to install a dependency. It’s a good option because, when you re-install kodi most of the issues will be fixed easily. If you install a build, it will set-up all the best Kodi addon with one click. Build installation prevents you from installing Addons individually.


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