How to Fix "df-dferh-01" Error in Play Store

If you’ve received the error “df-dferh-01”, you may be confused and frustrated why this is happening. Not to worry, this issue is one of the most common errors in the Google Play Store whether it is your phone, tablet or laptop. Typically this error occurs while installing or updating an Android app from the Google Play Store.

When this happens, you will likely see an error message which displays “Error retrieving information from the server. [DF-DFERH-01]. In this article, we’ll uncover some of the solutions to solving the “df-dferh-01” error.


Method #1: Reboot your mobile device to solve “df-dferh-01” Error

Sometimes people forget the most basic troubleshooting solution out there which is simply to restart your device. Always start with this step before anything else. To reboot your mobile device, first, unlock the screen of your device. Then press and hold the power button until the menu message appears.

Choose the power off button and wait for your phone to shut down. Wait for 10 seconds and then press and hold the power button again to have your device turn back on. Once this is completed try to install the app again to see if anything has changed.

Method 2: Clear the Cache and Data off your mobile device

This is probably the main solution when experiencing the “df-dferh-01” error. To clear your cache and data first go to the settings on your device. Then select the application settings.

Sometimes it may also be named as apps. Next, select “All” and find the Google Play Store. From there you can choose the option clear cache and data. Next, you will need to force stop the application.

Next, you’ll want to clear the cache and data of the Google Play Service, Google Services Framework and Download Manager. So to do this, you’ll go to the search bar at the top left corner and search. Then find the Google Play Service.

Then select clear cache and data. From there, find the download manager and choose the clear cache and data option. Lastly, go to the download manager screen and clear cache and data. Once you’re finished with all of the above steps, you have to reboot your device and try to re-install the app once more.

Clear the Cache and Data off of your mobile device

Method 3: Remove All Google Accounts and Add a Google Account

Sometimes having all your Google accounts jumbled onto one device may cause a disruption in your Google play store. For this solution to solve the “df-dferh-01” error you’ll simply have to remove all Google accounts and add the Google account you’d like to use.

First, go to your settings on your android device. Then select Accounts and then choose Google. From there select the option to remove all your Google accounts. Once you’ve completed this step, simply restart your device.

Now go back to your Google Play Store and sign in to your desired Google account that you’d like your app to be associated with.

Once done, you’ll need to accept the required Google terms and agree to set up the Google settings. Once completed, try to download the app again. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please move onto the next method.


Method #4: Uninstall all of the updates of Google Play Store to improve compatibility

Sometimes compatibility can play a huge role in experiencing the “df-dferh-01” issue. There is a possibility that the updated versions of the Google play store may cause issues in downloading a particular app. Though it’s not ideal to uninstall updates, you may require this in order to download a particular app.

To do this, you’ll first want to go to your android settings. Then click on the application settings button or sometimes otherwise called “apps.” Next, go to Apps which is a list of all of your apps.

Find the Google Play Store and on the top left there should be a button “uninstall updates.” From there uninstall the updates on the Google play store. Once completed, reboot your mobile device and try to download your desired app.


Method #5. Update Your Android Device to solve “df-dferh-01” Issue

The next solution is sort of doing the opposite of the previous solution. Sometimes users forget to update their device. In the last step, you’re uninstalling the updates or rolling back your google play store.

In this step, simply update your software on your device. These updates can fix major bugs and security patches, which could have been preventing the download of that particular app.

 To update your software, navigate towards your settings. Then tap on the About option. From there click on the software updates button. Then follow the given instruction above. Once finished you can reboot your phone and try to install the app again.

Update Your Android Device to solve "df-dferh-01" issue

Method #6: Reset your phone to factory settings

If all the above solutions does not work, you may want to reset your factory settings. Make sure to back up all of your data. This might be quite a drastic measure, but maybe worth your time if you’re willing to go through the trouble.

To reset your phone, simply go to the settings menu. Next, click on the backup and reset button. Then tap on the Factory data reset and reset the phone.

You’ll be prompted to enter your pass code and will warn you that all of the data will be erased. Once that is done, you’ll begin the reboot process. Once finished, you may go to the Google play store and try to install your desired app.


Conclusion for solving “df-dferh-01” Error:

We know that if you go through all of these steps, you are likely to solve the “df-dferh-01” issue. For most users, simply clearing all of their cache and data will do the trick.

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