"Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code" Error Fixing

When you receive a message on your android device that says “Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” then type your text or calls can’t be sent unless the causes of the issues are fixed.

For android users, this can be extremely frustrating since you may not know the cause or how to fix it. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential causes and solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

"Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code" Error Fixing

Common Causes for Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” Error:

  • Issues with Carrier Provider
  • Problems with the SIM authentication on your android mobile device
  • Lack of network connection or currently experiencing bad signal
  • You might have dialed the wrong MMI code
  • You might have sent the MMI code to the wrong network for Dual-sim phones

Solutions to Troubleshoot the “Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” Error:

#1. Restart your Android Smart-phone 

The first and easiest way to troubleshoot the “Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” error is to restart your mobile device. If you do so, go to your network settings and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time until your phone begins to turn off. At this point, it’ll start vibrating and your mobile device will restart.

connection problem or invalid mmi code

#2. Change your prefix code to solve Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” Error

The second way to troubleshoot  “Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” Error on your android device would be to add a comma to the Prefix code specifically at the end.

What happens is, when the comma is added, the device forces the operation to proceed with the execution of the function and bypass any errors that may occur. Here are two examples of using the comma on your prefix MMI code to allow everything to run smoothly.

  • (*2904*7#),
  • (*2904*7#,)

Both of these examples will work for this solution. Another modification you can use is adding a + symbol to any * button to your prefix code.

  • For example: (*+2904*7#)

#3. Use IMS Instead of SMS Messaging and Turn on Radio Button on your Galaxy Device 

To begin this troubleshooting solution, go to your dial pad on your phone. And then type the following in the dial pad, “ (*#*#4636#*#*).Please note that you do not have to press the send button. Once you’ve pressed these numbers, your device will automatically appear in service mode.

A service mode message will appear and you can select the “device information” or “phone information button. From there you can choose to run the ping test option and you’ll see a radio button. Turn the radio off button to on and then your device restart option will appear. Select the option to reboot.

#4. Check if the Network Connection is Running Smoothly

To go to the network, you’ll first have to tap the settings “gear” icon on your device. Then click on the “network connection” button. From there you can select the “Mobile Networks” button. Then, you’ll see the “network operators” option to select. You can now choose the wireless provider you’d like to connect with. Try reconnecting or choosing a different network.

#5. Use only one sim card if you’re using a dual-sim or disable the other sim card

When you’re using a dual sim card, your calls, text, and data are routing to a specific network without verifying or asking you for permission about which network to choose from. This causes a disconnect because your MMI code can be sent to the wrong network which causes this error to occur.

To solve this issue, there are a few different options. The first is to set your mobile device up for a manual selection of network so you can choose which route the MMI code is sent to. The second is to disable one of the sim cards and the last option is to physically remove one of the sim cards that you don’t want.

To set yourself up for manual selection, you’ll have to first go to settings. Then tap on sim settings/dual sim settings button. From there choose the voice/call button. Lastly, toggle the option always ask.

To disable your sim card, follow the same route as the manual selection process except you want to disable the network name of the sim card instead of selecting always ask. The last option is to simply remove one sim card out of your phone, so your phone will only choose the network that is left.

Use only one sim card if you’re using a dual-sim or disable the other sim card

#6. Operate under safe mode temporarily

Going into safe mode may help you with “Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” error. The safe mode is an operation where your mobile device doesn’t load any third-party apps. This allows you to isolate the problem to see if any third-party apps are causing this issue.

To enter into safe mode, hold the power button off for a few seconds until a message appears. Go ahead and confirm that you’d like to restart your phone into safe mode. When you are in the Safe Mode, try to enter your desired MMI code once again to see if you are still receiving the connection problem or invalid MMI code error. If it works, then you know it’s one of the third-party apps you have.

connection problem or invalid mmi code


If you follow this guide, you will understand what is “Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code” error and also go through each solution, we’re confident you’ll solve the problem in no time!

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