Everythingsbusted Guest Post Submission

If you are interested to write a guest post to us, use the contact form to reach us.


  • Do we accept the Guest post?

Yes. That’s why you are reading this. We are now accepting articles from outside writers/contributors which can fit tech categories we used to cover. 

  • What are we looking for from a Guest Post / Sponsored post?

We expect some engaging and unique articles on any Technology, Gadgets, Opinions, or even expert’s advice. You can submit any tech-related articles here. Try to avoid the topics that we have already covered. We are expecting some creative ideas.

  • How can I submit a Guest Post?

You can contact us or send us an email to 420prmkmr@gmail.com, with your name and article. Impose your ideas or topics of your Guest post to us. Attach your sample work or links of your sample works. If your post meets our requirements we’ll definitely get back to you once. 

  • What else you should Know?

Whatever, you need to know related to our blog or relate to the Guest post or for any other clarification, please do contact us at 420prmkmr@gmail.com

What we expect:

If you are interested to submit a guest post, then go through these guidelines,

  • Creative and unique analysis, suggestion, reviews, and expert opinion. This is a general tech blog and our writers cover many topics. You can write similar topics or other related topics. 
  • Post that related to the streaming devices, its errors, and solutions. Take your own space and can select any tech area you are an expert at. 
  • Content must be plagiarism free and never be posted anywhere else. 
  • The article should contain 500-800 words, with proper format(should include the heading, sub-headings, and bottom lines ). 
  • Provide high-quality images without any copyright infringement.

What we don’t expect:

  • No commercial content. We won’t encourage any sales or pushy marketing content. Make sure you provide valuable content to the reader. 
  • Any articles that are irrelevant to the tech niche. 

Authorship benefits:

  • The post will be published with your name. 
  • You will be getting a do-follow link from our site. 
  • Don’t post any spam links.

Contact Information:

If you have any doubts or for any clarifications, kindly contact us using the contact form.